REVISED Notice about using my Images

Hey, I've rewritten this notice to make things a little easier around here. You no longer have to e-mail me for permission to put my artwork on your page, as long as the image is unaltered and there is a link from that page to mine. All you need to do is send a quick message letting me know your using it (and your URL). Keep in mind, however, since I'm not profitting off of any of these drawings, neither can anyone else, so please don't resell, bundle, or whatever any of my images and make money off it. Thanks.
If you want to use the image for yourself, such as for a desktop background, don't bother writing, thats fine with me. In fact that's why most of my images are 800x600, so people can use them as backgrounds.
The only drawings that you can not use, or post on your own web page are those that don't belong to me anymore, such as the magazine covers (coming soon), or any art done specifically for VRGN, so don't bother asking me, 'cause i'm the wrong person to talk to for those. I will specify under each image, which ones can and can't be used.
Now, if you wish to use one of my images for your web page, but wish to alter it, then you need to write me letting me know your plans and stuff, and how you wish to alter it. That's the only time i'm asking you write me for sure. Otherwise, if the images are untouched, no need for permission, just a link to my page.
Any images from my actual web site such as menus, backgrounds and such, i'm asking you do not use at all. This is just because i want my site to be unique on the internet.
Now a request. Please if you find any of my images on another web page and there is no link or mention of this site, i'd really appreciate it if you notify me about it. I work hard on these pictures and seeing others take credit for it ain't exactly a cool thing.
Thanks for taking the time out to read this. I'm not asking for much, if all goes well I'll be a happy camper and will continue to do drawings. If not,....well I'll still continue to do drawings, but i won't be a happy camper. And if its a blatant rip off and i find someone is profitting off this, oooh boy, you dont wanna know.
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