' Almost Over '
january 18th 2005 :: 9:02 am
Added new artwork to my portfolio. Done for the Speedpainting thread on the forums. -dh

' Hitched! '
january 16th 2005 :: 11:25 pm
I've come out of my post wedding sequestration. Everything went wonderfully, and i couldn't be happier. I'm beginning work on finishing off the first tutorial over the next couple weeks and will put that online as soon as its finished. Stay tuned. -dh

' We are Go for launch! '
january 1st 2006 :: 12:00 am
Welcome to my new site! I can't believe it's done . A lot more content is planned and will hopefully be coming online over the next couple months. One quick thing i need help with. If anyone can tell how come on the links page, the floating boxes with link descriptions don't wor in Firefox. I haven't been able to figure it out, if you have an idea, please let me know i'd appreciate the help. Thanks! -dh

' I'm running out of time... '
december 30th 2005 :: 4:24 am
I've pretty much resigned to the fact that the tutorial won't be finished by the new year launch , which is kind of a bummer because i really wanted that to go live at the same time. Oh well, i promise y'all i'll get it out before the end of the month. -dh

' For the record... '
october 9th 2005 :: 3:54 am
I hate the word 'blog'...
...and this isn't one -dh

' I'm talking to myself '
october 9th 2005 :: 3:43 am
I noticed a lot of new sites that go up have news entries that start a week or so before the site goes live just so there is enough garbage that so it looks like there is something interesting goin on when in fact there is nothing. I'm gonna see if i can get away with that here, so thats what all this is about. Anyway, i think i'm now done with the main page, i'm gonna move onto the portfolio and then work my way down the menu.

Fact is, i'm really just talking to myself right now, and if it wasn't so late, it'd be sad instead of funny. -dh

' First Post! '
october 8th 2005 :: 3:45 pm
I kid you not. This is something like the eighth attempt in as many years at making a new and updated website for myself. The first one was in 1999, i think i even had a "coming soon" page for a few weeks until i realized it wasnt gonna happen . Anyway, finally i just had to hunker down and do this because when you have a website from 1997 and things about it like the bio are just plain embarrassing to read (or especially, to have read to me) its time to start over.

So..... welcome! This is me. -dh