This is the part of my website that i needed to update the most, nay, it is the very reason i wanted to make a new website. It's funny, i thought i was so clever when i wrote my first bio back when i was nineteen. hah. If you have no idea what i'm talking about, good. :) i'm not linking to it. Anyway. Hi.

I'm not nineteen anymore, i'm twenty-seven. I guess that means i'm in my late twenties, but there's no way you're going to convince me of that. I guess a new phase in life is starting for me, getting married in a week, and by the time most of you read this it will have happened already and i will be loving it. I'm sitting here staring at an almost blank screen racking my brain to try to think about what to share about myself. I don't think i have as much to say as i used to.

When all else fails, start with the statistics. I was born in Taiwan, and spent most of my childhood moving around the world to places like Macau, Australia, China. Finally settled down here in the Pacific Northwest for highschool and i'm still trying to decide if i hate the humidity of the tropics more or the dreary weather of Seattle. So far its still a 50/50 tossup. I am a member of the Bahá'í Faith, half of my highschool years were spent up in Canada at Maxwell International Bahá'í School. Upon graduation i attended the University of Washington where i earned a degree in Interdisciplinary art. Fancy way of saying General Art Degree. A couple months later i started at Valve Software. Over the next seven years my responsibilities there have ranged from character and creature design, to 3d modeling, texturing, special fx work, pre-vis animatics, and making sure there is never too much milk in the fridge. It does the body good right?

I'll add a bit more to this in the coming weeks, in the meantime, welcome! Enjoy your visit, view some art, join the forums and i'll see you around.

Finally, 'Dh' in my name is pronounced like a 'Z'.