Greets Peeps! Its been 8 years to since i put up the first tutorial page on my website. About 2 years after it went up i had completely changed my approach to illustrating in Photoshop, so calling it out of date would be an understatement. This time around my plan is to have more than one tutorial focusing on different aspects of illustrating on the computer. While i will mostly be focusing on how best to use the tools to illustrate, i may touch a bit on general art theory. The latter will be a minor part of these tutorials though, since there are far better resources out there.
Basic Illustration 1
posted : sometime in january, 2006
This first tutorial deals with some of the overall concepts that will be dealt with when working with digital illustraition. As time goes on i'll be adding more in depth tutorials which will focus on different aspects of this topic.
-coming soon- I wasn't able to finish this by launch, it's close to completion, however, and it will be up within the month.